Crai Bower

What do global philanthropy, an architect's desert retreat, a golf tour of Saskatchewan and an artist's colony off the coast of Maine share? They each represent one of over forty articles Crai S. Bower has published in the past year. Bower keeps his portfolio diverse by choice, as excited to describe current trends in branding and package design as he is in detailing the dual life of a magazine editor/professional musician. Bower created his "Escape the Pace" column to turn off (the road) and tune out (the noise). He writes everything else to stay in tune.


A Quebec engineering team uses Intel technology to design a new mode of transportation. Bower tells the story in a case study. Industry leader AccessVia adds an effectiveness product to their unrivaled efficiency in sign publishing. Bower forms the words for their rebranding. embarks on a non-branded cruising website. Bower crafts 23 pages of tagline to long copy about nine cruise lines, eight destinations and all the waves in between. Bower composes, rewrites and edits, giving voice to companies that wish to be heard.